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Please wait for email confirmation. We will send you an email within 1 hour to confirm any details.
The appointment must be confirmed through our email and payment of either the deposit or full fee.


*We require at least a 50% deposit

Appointments must be scheduled at least an hour and a half a head of time.

What To Bring

The individual signing the document must appear in person and present a valid picture ID such as: 

Government ID

• Driver's License

• Passport

• Military ID

This is required by Texas law and is not at the discretion of the notary

It's important to have all your documents and identification ready for the notary.

A credible witness form can be created before we arrive and provided to you if you don't have an ID.

See the list of forms that can be notarized and the forms that cannot be Notarized. 

A copy of a passport cannot be notarized as a true copy of the document in the state of Texas.

DO NOT remove the staple from the document! If the staple is removed you run the risk of a third party refusing to accept the document as it may appear that the document has been tampered with.

How does the notarizing process work?

  • The "Signer" must be physically present.

  • The Notary will verify the identity of the "Signer" with the photo identification provided by the signer (Driver license, Passport, State ID, or Military ID).

  • The "Signer" and the Notary complete the required information for the Record Book.

  • The Notary will review the document to make sure there are no blanks on the document and that there is a notarial certificate on the document. If there is no certificate the notary will ask you to choose one to attach to the front of the document (A notary cannot advise you on which statement to choose). 

  • The Notary will ask the signer if they understand the content of the document to determine the "Signer's" awareness and understanding of the transaction and if they are being coerced into signing or are under duress.

  • The Notary signs and stamps the seal on the notarial certificate.

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